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Where are the Shoes Made?

beaded shoe ilorin italian sole

Ilorin is the capital city of Kwara State in Western Nigeria. As of 2007, it had a population of 847,582, making it the 13th largest city in Nigeria by population.[1Ilorin, is a city located in North Central Nigeria, dominated by the Yorubas’ (one of the three major Nigerian ethnic groups) from South West, Nigeria. This speaks so much about the diversity of the people. At the same time, the people are hospitable and warm. This characteristic is rarely found in other contemporary or cosmopolitan city in Nigeria. Generally, Kwara, the state of harmony with Ilorin as its capital city is a choice destination to escape the buzz of Lagos and Abuja. Ilorin offers a mix of urban and rural life. It is an excellent place to learn the art of pottery. It also hosts many government owned institutions including the statehouse and state secretariat amongst many other government institutions.